4 Steps To Develop A Winning Optical Staff

NOW AVAILABLE: Transitions XTRActive Polarized

What Makes A Great Practice Website?

5 Easy-To-Use Tools To Clean Your Optical Dispensary

Shamir Relax 50 & 80 And Shamir Genesis HD Now Produced At IcareLabs

Value Progressive Offerings For Your Optical Dispensary

Healthy Opticians = Happy Patients!

Safety Glasses Made Easy With IcareLabs

Hoya Going 100% Freeform

PracticePlus & IcareLabs Gives Your Optical $30 Back Per Qualified PAL

How To Plan A 2021 ECP Marketing Calendar

It’s Fall Y’all

Premium Single Vision Lens Options By Shamir

The Power Of Value PALs

The Varilux Comfort Max Progressive Lens Launch

Non-Traditional Marketing For Eyecare Professionals

The Transitions Virtual Try On Lets Patients Try Before They Buy

How Do You Improve Morale At Your Optical?

Customer Experience – What It Is And Why It Matters!

What Is Your Optical Capture Rate And Why Is It Important?

Kodak Lens Custom Prints For Your Optical Dispensary Now Available!

COMING SOON: The Varilux Comfort Max Progressive Lens

Focusing On Your Optical Dispensary And It's Success

How To Get Better Online Reviews For Your Optical Dispensary

How To Disinfect Frames On Your Optical's Showroom Floor

Value Products And Your Optical Dispensary

How To Re-Open Your Optical Business After Covid-19

How To Understand Compensated Prescriptions For Patient's Lenses

How To Get Less Remakes From Your Wholesale Optical Lab

8 Best Practices For Improving Optical Customer Retention

Optical Training You Can Do From Home

Transitions GEN 8 Launch Completion and the NEW Varilux Comfort Max

2020 Optical Marketing: Social Media

The Power Of Kodak Lens

What's Your 2020 Optical Marketing Goal?

What's Your 2020 Optical Sales Vision?

Varilux X Lenses Now Processed In-House At IcareLabs

NuPolar CR-39 Mirror Coat Polarized Lenses Now Available!

myIcareLabs Customer Portal Now Accepts eCheck Payments

Introducing: Eyezen Start and Kodak PowerUp Single Vision Lenses

Utilizing Point-Of-Purchase Materials To Boost Your Optical Sales

Wholesale Optical Customer Service That Cares

Blue Light Protection Available From IcareLabs

How To Utilize KBco Polarized Mirror Lenses For Higher Optical Sales

BlueGuard Lenses By IcareLabs Now Available!

SeaVision Prescription Dive Masks By IcareLabs

Introducing: IceAR with Silk!

When To Use High Index Lens Materials For Your Patient's Glasses

The NEW IcareLabs Resource Center Is Here!

IcareLabs President Skip Payne Inducted Into Lab Division Hall Of Fame

Does Your Wholesale Optical Lab Meet All Your Needs?

Take Your Optical's Transitions Sales To The Next Level

The Transitions Gen 8 Launch Is Here!

4 Reasons To Use Fixed Corridor Progressive Lenses

4 Ways To Increase Patient Satisfaction At Your Optical

The Kodak Lens Experience And Your Practice

Benefits Of Anti-Reflective Coatings - Crizal Prevencia

The History Of IcareLabs

Putting The Service Back In Customer Service

10 Simple Ways To Include Transitions Lenses In The Patient Journey

Which Blue Light Protection Is Right For You?

Benefits Of IceAR Anti-Reflective Coating

Eyezen Lenses Can Bring New Patients To Your Practice

The New Kodak Unique DRO Progressive Lenses Will Amaze Your Patients!

The Transitions Eyeglass Builder Will Help Your Patients And Practice

What is the Icare difference?

KBco Polarized Mirror Lenses Can Give Your Practice Consistency

The Kodak Lens Corner Adds Color And Branding To Any Office

SNEAK PEEK: Transitions Gen 8 Coming Soon!

Instant $100 And Your Practice

Heritage Freeform Digital Progressives Will Work For You

How To Find The Right Wholesale Optical Labs

myIcareLabs Is Your Complete Customer Portal

5 Reasons You Should Be Using House Brand Progressive Lenses

Easily Track Your Orders And Review Statements With myIcareLabs

Benefits Of Anti-Reflective Coatings - Crizal Avance UV

Stop Wasting Time Digging Through Price Lists!

Lab Credits Made Easy With MyIcareLabs Customer Portal

Best Practices For Selling Anti-Fatigue Lenses

IcareLabs Teaching The Next Generation Of Opticians

Introducing: The Shamir Autograph Intelligence

Shipping Labels And Stock Cart - MyIcareLabs Customer Portal

Vision Expo West 2018

4 Simple Ways You Can Help Your Wholesale Optical Lab Help You!

Stock Lens Ordering Is A Breeze With IcareLabs

Benefits Of Anti-Reflective Coatings - Crizal Alize

Need Stock Frames? IcareLabs Has Your Practice Covered

Cut Down On Lab Errors With Fully Integrated Online Rx Ordering

Digital Progressives: Fixed Corridor vs Variable Corridor Length

3 Easy Ways To Increase Optical Sales At Your Practice

What Is Customizable Shipping?

Order Custom Rx SeaVision Dive Masks Exclusively At IcareLabs

Crizal Sapphire® 360 UV Now Processed Here At IcareLabs

Kodak Total Blue - Blue Light Protection For All

The Ultimate Lens Package Extended For 2018

Just Launched: Transitions XtrActive Style Mirrors

Lenses 101 - Shamir Autograph Progressives

4 New Transitions Style Colors Are Now Available!

Lenses 101 - Varilux Physio

Benefits Of Anti-Reflective Coatings - Crizal Easy

Lenses 101 - Varilux Comfort

Kodak Precise Progressive Lenses Working For You!

3 Best Practices For Choosing Your Patient's Transitions Lenses

Are You Wearing Transitions Lenses?

Have Your Practice Stand Out With Kodak Unique Prescription Glasses

IcareLabs Celebrates 50 Years Of Excellence

3 Easy Ways To Sell Transitions Lenses To Every Patient

Leverage Brand Awareness With Kodak Lenses For Your Practice

3 Simple Strategies To Increase Your Transitions Sales

Optical Sales Coach - Transitions 7

Optical Sales Coach - Blue Light Lenses

Optical Sales Coach - Occupational and Office Lenses

Optical Sales Coach - Victory Drivers

Optical Sales Coach - Package Pricing

Optical Sales Coach - Friends Buy From Friends

Tips for Selling Anti-Fatigue Lenses for Digital Eye Strain

How to Respond to You're Too Expensive

New Infographic: 10 Eye Health Problems Detected Through Our Eyes

Make Eyeglasses from Scratch?

Marketing Emails - How Consumers Really Feel

ECPs and Boomers' Aging Eyes

Redefining How America Shops - Taking a Look at Online Eyewear Sales

Marketing for ECPs: Facebook Basics (PART 2)

Marketing for ECPs: Intro to Facebook (PART 1)

10 Tips to Improve Patient Satisfaction For Your Optical

Managed Vision Care Legislative Update

Explaining the “Why?” brings satisfied customers and more sales!

How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

The Importance of Frame Shape Numbers

Optical Trends and Recommendations for 2016

A Safe Way to Grow Your Optical Business

Helping Your Low Vision Patients

Frame EDs, Friend or Foe?

What Millennials Want from the Optical Industry

IcareLabs: Lab Innovator for 2015 by Optical Lab Products Magazine!

IcareLabs: Our Lab is Constantly Improving

Explaining the Difference Between Bifocals and Progressives

Optical Sales Coach: Needs-based Sales to Increase Revenue

Marketing for Eye Care Professionals (Part 4)

Marketing for Eye Care Professionals (Part 3)

International Vision Expo West 2015 - What Was Your Favorite?

Selling to Millennials: What the Optical Industry Needs to Consider

Harmful Blue Light: What's All The Fuss?

Vision Supplements for Your Patients

Eye Care Professionals Affiliating With Helpful Causes

Laws Prevent Managed Care Companies from Requiring ODs to Use Labs

Marketing for Eye Care Professionals (Part 2)

Optical Sales Coach: Speak Human!

Marketing for Eye Care Professionals (Part 1)

How to Increase Revenue in your Optical Store

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