How to Increase Transitions Sales

How to Increase Transitions Sales

It's quite surprising to learn that 75% of current eyewear patients expressed their interest in purchasing Transitions® prescription lenses if given the option. This statistic highlights a significant opportunity for eyecare providers to cater to their patients' needs and preferences more effectively while increasing average sales price (ASP).

However, the current national average for Transitions® Gen 8™ lenses stands at just over 20%, leaving a considerable gap in meeting the demands of 55% of our customers. This gap can be attributed to the lack of proactive needs-based selling strategies in offering Transitions® lenses to all patients.

By asking the right questions and utilizing patient-friendly language to showcase the unique benefits ofAsk your patients the right questions about Transitions lenses and tell them why they would benefit from them Transitions® lenses, eyewear providers can guide their patients toward making an informed decision that aligns with their visual needs and lifestyle.

Instead of dwelling on what Transitions® lenses do not offer, it's essential to highlight the numerous advantages they provide, such as convenience, protection against UV rays and harmful blue light, and comfortable vision in various lighting conditions.

For more in-depth information on Transitions® lenses, eyewear providers can explore the dedicated Transitions® page in our Resource Center, which offers valuable sales aids, point-of-purchase materials, and other resources to enhance the patient experience.

Furthermore, with the introduction of the new Transitions® Gen S, the latest innovation in photochromic lens technology,  eyewear providers have an opportunity to offer their patients cutting-edge solutions for their vision needs.

It's worth noting that 8 out of every 10 patients prefer Transitions® lenses over their current clear eyeglasses, indicating a high level of satisfaction and potential for premium upsells among returning customers. By leveraging their expertise and knowledge to educate patients on the benefits of Transitions® technology, eyewear providers can not only enhance the patient experience but also drive sales growth in their optical practices.

most patients choose to wear transitions lenses over clear lenses.These statistics are only getting better with the new technology behind Transitions® Gen S™. Gen S™ is not only the fastest to darken photochromic lens (only 25 seconds), but it also offers up to two times faster fadeback to clear (less than two minutes). 88% of wearers agreed that Transitions® Gen S™ lenses adapted so fast to light that they didn't notice or barely noticed the changes.

91% of wearers agreed their vision felt natural in all light conditions after trying Gen S™ lenses. So this should tell you that you can offer these lenses with confidence to every patient. Knowing the benefits and explaining how your patients can actively improve their lives goes a long way in helping to increase your capture rate.

Don't just take our word for it though, check out the new Transitions® Gen S™ B2B sales aid below.

Download The Gen S Sales Aid

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