Transitions Gen S Launching Soon!

Transitions Gen S Launching Soon!

Hot off the heels of the 2024 Transitions Academy, the new Transitions Gen S lenses will be hitting the market soon. What are the launch details? Are demos available? What makes these new lenses so great? Find out all of that and more in this blog.

The Transitions Academy was held from February 11th to the 14th of this year to rave reviews from all who attended. IcareLabs is proud to report we were able to get our hands on this amazing new technology to surface and mount the lenses used for the show and we were very impressed with what we saw.

When Will Transitions Gen S Launch?

If you were around for the launch of Gen 8, you probably remember the staggered rollout that was carried out over several months across all the available material options and lens designs. This led to some confusion on availability and patients not being able to get the latest Transitions lenses when they wanted them.April 9th realeases the transitions gen s lenses

Well good news, on April 9th, 2024 Transitions Gen S will officially launch across all available lens designs and materials!

So this means no staggered rollout and everyone will be able to get this amazing new technology from day 1. All designs, all materials, and all colors when Gen S launches will keep ECPs and their patients happy. Eyezen Kids will now have full access to all colors and they will be adding Transitions Brown to 1.74.

What's New With Gen S?

Transitions Gen S lenses are the product of over 5 years of research and development with brand-new patented technology and over 100k lenses tested. This includes new advancements in symbiosis between the dyes and the matrix to seamlessly interact with each other.

Brand new Ruby color for Transitions Gen S lenses available at IcareLabsThe big news with Gen S is the new Ruby color that launches with the product on April 9th. We've seen it in person and it is dazzling! Along with the new color comes a big leap in technology making Gen S ultra-responsive to light with darkening in seconds and going back to clear faster than ever before.

New studies show that over 88% of wearers did not even notice their lenses changing back and forth because it was so fast. Over 95% of wearers agree that being able to match more colors with their frames makes their glasses both fun and stylish. 91% of wearers agree their vision felt natural in all light conditions. Having more color options also includes a 1.6x increase in purchase intent.

Transitions Gen S filters up to 32% of harmful blue light when clear and 85% when completely darkened. As with all Transitions products, Gen S blocks 100% of UVA & UVB light. Gen S also achieves category 3 darkness in all colors.

Are Transitions Gen S Demos Available?

Yes, Gen S will be launching with a full suite of demos that will be available for ECPs to utilize. Their launch kits will include 40 premium portfolios, a launch letter, a sales aid, a one-pager, a patient brochure pack, and the updated Transitions availability chart.

As always, IcareLabs customers will receive these as soon as they are available. Just let your account manager know you want to be added to the list to receive a launch kit or sign up via our email blast at launch.

Check out the new product brochure by scanning the QR code.Transitions Gen S available at IcareLabs wholesale lens lab beginning April 2024

Also available soon after launch will be a new branded UV lamp, swatches, demo box with 8 lenses, logo plaque, and Transitions glorifiers. We will update you with how and when you can request these new tools as soon as they become available.

As always, the new Transitions Gen S products work great with Varilux, Essilor, Kodak Lens, Shamir, and IcareLabs Heritage lenses and with Crizal or our IceAR anti-reflective coatings.

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