Introducing The Heritage Relief Lenses

Introducing The Heritage Relief Lenses

Are your single vision patients looking for some relief from their digital devices? Our new Heritage Relief digital single vision lenses will be exactly what the doctor ordered to help reduce your patient's eye strain. Let's find out who these designs are best suited for and what they can do in our latest blog.

What Is Heritage Relief?

The new Heritage Relief is a digital single vision lens design with a small addition of add power in the reading zone which allows the wearer's eyes to work less when reading digital devices such as cell phones or tablets. Patients wearing the Heritage Relief will notice reduced eye strain and when paired with our Blue Guard lens technology, they provide tired eyes with relief from the common complaints of modern digital devices.

Heritage Relief Availability

The Heritage Relief is available in just about all lens material options including CR39, polycarbonate, trivex, 1.60, and 1.67. You can also add any of our anti-reflective coating options including our house brands, IceAR with Silk, and top name brand coatings like Crizal or Kodak Clean n Clear.

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