Kodak Total Blue Lens: Comfortable Vision for Your Digital Life

From working at home to learning online, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Along with the greater need for digital devices, comes the potentially harmful overexposure to High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light.

Previously, most of our exposure to HEV Blue Light came from the sun, but now we are also exposed through screens, LED lights, and energy-efficient lightbulbs. The increase in HEV Blue Light exposure could contribute to sore eyes, affect our mood, and disrupt our sleep.

However, not all blue light is harmful. Only the HEV Blue Light wavelengths on the high-frequency end of the spectrum have been noted to have potentially damaging effects. Low Energy Blue Light is essential for full-color perception and helps regulate the sleep cycle. 

Kodak Lens Solution

Kodak Total Blue Lens with Color Guard Lens Technology® blocks UV rays and filters up to 80% of HEV Blue Light, allowing beneficial low-energy blue light to maintain color vision.

Kodak Total Blue Lens also delivers:

• Protection from glare and reflections
• Help with object recognition in low-light and night-driving conditions
• Comfortable vision in bright light and while viewing devices


Kodak Total Blue Lens technology has multiple layers to help block HEVKodak Total Blue Lenses starts with a specific lens material that can absorb 100% of UV rays. Then, a hard coat is applied for scratch resistance and a special multi-layer blue light coating is applied to the front of the lens to help filter up to 80% of HEV Blue Light. Additional layers on the backside of the lens provide protection from potential reflected UV rays. Lastly, an ultra-slick superhydrophobic top layer, Silk™, is added on both sides for easy-to-clean lenses*.

Lens Availability 

Kodak Total Blue Lens design options: progressive, single vision, and computer/task-oriented lenses.
Progressive and single vision is also available in polarized options for outdoor eyewear.

* Silk is a super-slick topcoat with superior oil, water, dirt, dust, and smudge-repellent properties

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