Polarized Lenses 101

Polarized Lenses 101

If polarized lenses are not an important part of your patient care plan, they should be. Almost everyone could benefit from a pair of polarized lenses as they simply reduce glare better than other products on the market.

Polarization, in simple terms, reduces the horizontal light or reflective glare while allowing vertical light to enter. Reflective glare, whether from water, snow, or other surfaces, can be distracting and even dangerous. Reflective glare can cause temporary blindness which is very dangerous when driving or operating machinery. Reflective glare on snow can burn the surface of the eye creating photokeratitis or snow blindness.

Beyond reducing reflective glare, polarized lenses also offer 100% UV protection, over 90% blue light reduction, increased detail enhancement, and color perception. They offer significant advantages over standard tinted lenses, non-polarized lenses, and standard photochromic lenses.

Please, also keep in mind that polarized lenses are a very important safety tool for boaters. Their ability to eliminate sun glare on the water allows a boater to be able to see into the water and spot rocks, shoals, and sandbars. Fishermen love them for this same capability allowing them to see structure and fish themselves.

Polarized lenses have taken on a life of their own and are now offered in multiple colors and options. We are going to break these down for you here.

Standard Polarized lenses 

Standard polarized lens Gray - Brown - Green examplesAvailability:

  • Gray, brown and green. Gray A and C, Brown A and C, and Green C along with Gray and Brown gradient
  • These standard colors are your go-to for patients seeking the highest amount of glare reduction. They're perfect for skiers, boaters, and drivers. 
  • Available in CR39, Poly, Trivex, 1.60 and 1.67 materials.
  • 85%+ blue light filtering in C and 65%+ blue light filtering in A

Polarized Mirrors

Polarized Mirror Lens ExamplesKBco polarized mirror lenses and NuPolar now offer pre-mirrored polarized lens blanks. This gives you a high quality, consistent color mirror with 2-3 day turn.

  • Available in poly and 1.67
  • Over a dozen color options base on grey c and brown c base. Colors include – blue, silver, gold, green, ice blue, red, pink, purple, black, chrome, rose gold, champagne, and 3 matte mirror options.

Special Colors

Polarized Special Colors

KBco offers a wide variety of specialty colors. These colors give wearers options for style and activities.

  • Amber/Melanin and Quartz – added depth perception and comfort. Increases contrast against green landscapes and blue skies. Great for drivers. Amber/Melanin - 92% blue light filtered with 24% light transmission. Quartz - 65% blue light filtered with 41% light transmission.
  • Sunset and Sunflower – great for lowlight conditions such as dawn and dusk. Sporting clay and target shooters will appreciate these colors as they make objects appear brighter. Sunflower - 62% blue light filtered with 87% light transmission. Sunset - 80% blue light filtered with 40% light transmission.
  • Rose – reduces eye strain while enhancing detail. 50% blue light filtered with 44% light transmission.
  • Ocean and Violet – enhanced color perception. Work well in fog and misty weather conditions. Fantastic style statement with these 2 colors. Ocean - 34% blue light filtered with 50% light transmission. Violet - 26% blue light filtered with 41% light transmission.
  • Grass – all the benefits of G15 in lighter color. Great depth perception and color enhancement. 79% blue light filtered with 35% light transmission.

Polarized Photochromic

Transitions XTRActive Polarized lensesWith the advancements that Transitions has made over the last few years they are now able to offer a true polarized Transitions product with the XTRActive Polarized lens.

Transitions XTRActive Polarized is the first true indoor to outdoor polarized product that works in all environments. 

Indoors – Designed to have a hint of tint inside to protect against harsh indoor light. This tint also helps in reducing blue-light exposure – 35% Blue Light filtered.

Behind the windshield in a car – just like Transitions XTRActive lenses, XTRActive Polarized will moderately darken without polarization. This reduces bright light while driving.

Outdoors – XTRActive photochromic dyes enable the lens to achieve extra darkness in bright sunlight conditions. Outdoors the dynamic polarization allows the lens to reach around 90% polarization efficiency when the lens is at its darkest state of activation with 85% blue light filtered.

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