How To Mount Lenses Into Zyl Frames

How To Mount Lenses Into Zyl Frames

Before becoming the new Onboarding Account Manager here at IcareLabs, I worked for over a year in our finishing department mounting lenses for your jobs. With over 10 years of retail optical experience and being ABO certified, I wanted to share some tips for mounting lenses into Zyl frames. Hopefully, these tips can improve your finishing process to help keep your patients happy.

When it comes to mounting Zyl frames, it's important to keep a few key factors in mind. Firstly, it's crucial to understand that different kinds of plastic frames are available in the market. Each type may require a slightly different approach, including proper sizing, careful handling, and attention to detail during the mounting process. Secondly, providing your lab with accurate frame measurements will ensure the lenses we send will cut out for easy mounting.


One of the essential steps in mounting Zyl frames is to consider the temperature. Depending on the specific frame material, it is advisable to use either low heat or cold insert as the first step for sizing. This ensures that the frames are properly adjusted to fit the lenses without causing any damage.don't apply too much heat to your Zyl frames because it may damage them

Take a look at just a few Zyl frame types and their recommended temperatures:

  • Cellulose Propionate: Highly heat sensitive and can stretch out of form easily when overheated.
  • Optyl: Can warp if they're overheated, and under-heated Optyl frames can snap during adjustment. Only heat the area of the frame that requires adjustment & hold the adjusted frame until it cools.
  • Polymide: Should never be used with heat as it will shrink the Polymide eye wire.
  • Nylon & Carbon: Typically require high heat for adjusting or mounting as they are very heat resistant.

Size of The Lens

Another crucial aspect to keep in mind is the size of the lens. It is essential to ensure that the lenses fit the Zyl frame to avoid any potential risks of breakage or cracking when under pressure. To determine the appropriate insert, it is advisable to check the safety bevel or pen bevel as they may provide the necessary room for a proper fit.

Accurately sizing the lenses is extremely important to prevent any mishaps down the road. By paying careful attention to this aspect, you can ensure the longevity and durability of your patient's eyewear. A well-fitted lens enhances the overall comfort of wearing glasses and minimizes the chances of any unwanted accidents or damage. Taking the time to properly size the lenses will ultimately contribute to a positive and hassle-free eyewear experience while also avoiding pressure which can cause stress fractures.

The Mounting Technique

When it comes to the actual mounting process, it's best to start at the temple and then gradually move to the nasal area and then to the bottom. This systematic approach ensures that the frames are securely and evenlyBe careful not to splay your Zyl frame as this will damage it. mounted, providing maximum comfort and stability to the wearer. Finally, pay close attention to the frame front to ensure a complete and secure mounting.

In the case of Zyl frames with splayed temples, it's important to take extra precautions. In such instances, it is recommended to unmount the lenses, adjust the frame, and then remount the lenses. This additional step ensures that the frames are properly aligned and fit comfortably on the wearer's face.

By following these key steps, you can ensure a successful and reliable mounting process for Zyl frames. Remember, proper sizing, careful handling, and attention to detail are the secrets to mounting these frames effectively.

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