Aspheric Lenses - Why?

Aspheric Lenses - Why?

In the world of optics, precision and innovation have led to significant advancements in lens technology. Aspheric lenses have gained recognition for their ability to improve visual clarity, reduce distortion, and enhance overall comfort. This article explores the numerous benefits of aspheric lenses and highlights why they should be considered for various applications.

Minimization of Optical Aberrations

Traditional lenses have a spherical shape, resulting in optical aberrations such as spherical aberration. AsphericA gradual curve allows for more visual comfort and less aberrations. lenses, on the other hand, have a non-uniform surface curvature, allowing for a gradual change in the lens profile. This design helps minimize these aberrations, ensuring a more accurate focus across the entire visual field. The reduction in aberrations leads to sharper, clearer vision, particularly in low-light conditions or when looking at off-axis objects.

Improved Visual Acuity

Aspheric lenses offer significant advantages for individuals with higher prescriptions. Traditionally, strong prescriptions require thicker lenses, which often lead to unflattering cosmetic appearances and visual distortions at the lens periphery. Aspheric lenses, with their ability to reduce peripheral distortion, provide a more natural and visually appealing appearance. By maintaining consistent thickness throughout the lens, these lenses allow wearers to enjoy better visual acuity while benefiting from thinner, lighter, and more aesthetically pleasing eyewear.

Wider Field of View

The unique design of aspheric lenses also enables a wider field of view compared to traditional spherical lenses. Aspheric lenses distribute peripheral magnification more evenly, resulting in a greater expanse of clear vision. This characteristic is good for activities that require enhanced peripheral awareness, such as driving, sports, or even everyday tasks that demand visual awareness of the surroundings.

Enhanced Comfort and Adaptability

Aspheric lenses improve your visual acuity with wider field of viewDue to their reduced curvature and improved optics, aspheric lenses offer enhanced comfort during extended periods of wear. These lenses minimize image distortion and peripheral blur, reducing eye strain and fatigue. Additionally, aspheric lenses provide better adaptability to bifocal prescriptions, allowing for smoother transitions between different visual zones. This adaptability contributes to a more seamless and effortless visual experience for individuals requiring bifocal corrections.


Aspheric single vision is available in poly, trivex, 1.67, 17.0/1.74, and Transitions. Aspheric Flattop 28 is available in clear poly only. Aspheric is not available with progressive lenses. 


Aspheric lenses have revolutionized the optical industry by addressing the limitations of traditional spherical lenses. The benefits they offer, such as reduced optical aberrations, improved visual acuity, wider fields of view, enhanced comfort, and versatility in design, make them an excellent choice for individuals seeking superior vision correction.

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