Introducing: Eyezen Start and Kodak PowerUp Single Vision Lenses

Eyezen Start and Kodak PowerUp Single Vision Lenses Processed By IcareLabs

In the ever-growing world of digital single vision offerings, Essilor and Kodak Lens have just released information on their new designs.


These great new lens options are designed to help patients deal with digital eye strain and visual fatigue.


Let's take a look at each and see what they bring to the table.


Eyezen Start 


Eyezen grab

In most cases, single vision lenses are calculated to work best in the distance with the wearer looking through the optical center. While this works well for a wearer who is looking at objects at an infinite distance it does very little to enhance visual acuity for near and intermediate viewing.


With the Eyezen Start, Essilor optimized the whole lens surface for both far and near vision to improve acuity and reduce the loss of sharpness when the wearer moves below the optical center to view near objects.


The folks at Essilor R&D studied postural date on the use of digital devices which allowed them to zero in on the gaze direction when using digital devices and reading. Utilizing their latest lens calculation software they were able to correlate the gaze direction and object distance at each point of the lens.


Essilor R&D Cone Of Gaze Computation For Eyezen Start Lenses


Once a single vision wearer moves below the optical center of a lens their quality of vision will begin to degrade due to the presence of aberrations. This simply causes blurry vision. There are 2 specific aberrations found in single vision lenses: power error and unwanted astigmatism.


Eyezen DualOptim Technology

By utilizing Dualoptim, the Eyezen Start calculation now takes into consideration the gaze direction and object distance at each point of the lens. This calculation ensured the optical power for the wearer remains unchanged from the prescription values throughout the lens. The Eyezen Start wearer will benefit from the same wearer power and low unwanted astigmatism in the whole lens. 


Eyezen Start Performance Power


By using a near vision point as a second reference point, the power of the lens is adapted allowing for maximum acuity in both the far and near fields of vision.


Eyezen Start Near Vision Evaluation


In wearer test - 88% of wearers had overall satisfaction and 84% felt better while using digital devices compared to current standard single vision lenses.



-The use of digital devices leads to specific postural behavior: the reading distance is shorter and eye declination is higher.


-Switching from one device to another and prolonged near and intermediate tasks are highly demanding for the visual system and can lead to visual fatigue.


-With Eyezen™ Start they developed a new way of imagining single vision lenses by introducing two reference points in far and near vision for the lens calculation.


Thanks to the Eyezen™ Dualoptim™ technology, the whole lens is optimized for both far and near vision. It allows to improve acuity and reduce deviation from the prescription according to object location.


An in-life study carried out by Eurosyn Institute revealed that a high percentage of wearers (88%) are satisfied with Eyezen™ Start lenses, 84% of wearers experienced improved visual comfort, and 82% of them declared less visual fatigue compared to their current eyeglasses.


Eyezen Start Prescription Achievement


As with all Eyezen lenses, the Start will include up to 20% harmful Blue Light reduction. Eyezen Start lenses are processed here in-house at IcareLabs. For more technical information, take a look at the Eyezen Start White Paper.


Kodak PowerUp


Kodak Lens has jumped into the enhanced single vision market with Kodak PowerUp lenses.


Kodak focused on the need to combat digital eye strain which includes tired eyes, headaches, and blurred vision. This is also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) which affects up to 65% of American adults. We know that the best way to combat CVS is by reducing the time spent on digital devices. 


We also know that this is never going to happen. Your patients need a lens that will help reduce fatigue. Kodak Lens created the PowerUp Lens with a boost of power in the near zone which will allow your patients to spend time on digital devices without the eye strain.


Kodak PowerUp single vision lenses help ease Computer Vision Syndrome


Kodak PowerUp Lenses offer:


- Targeted vision support for extended digital device usage

-Advanced technology simplified

-Two levels of reading support

- A brand name that patients know and trust


Available in two boost levels:


-Low Power - +0.40D boost

-More Power - +0.80D boost

Kodak PowerUp single vision lenses offer two boost levels


The Kodak PowerUp Lens low power option provides young patients with just the right amount of magnification in the reading area to take the burden off the eye muscles when focusing on near objects such as digital devices.


Adults in their 30's will benefit from more power during their workdays and off times while reading and using digital devices.


Kodak Lens recommends partnering PowerUp lenses with Kodak Total Blue. This will give your patient a premium level AR, 100% UV protection, and up to 80% filtration of harmful blue light between the 380-440nm range.


For more information, review the Kodak PowerUp lens patient brochure or the ECP sales aid with included layout chart.


Both of these great new single vision lenses are a great leap forward for patient eye health. They'll also help increase your patient satisfaction which will help boost your optical sales.


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