IcareLabs Legacy MDO Lenses

IcareLabs Legacy MDO Lenses

We've recently expanded our Legacy house brand progressive lenses with the new IcareLabs Legacy MDO lenses. These PALs are an amazing freeform digital design geared towards mobile device users with an extended visual field in both the near and distance zones. Check out what makes this new design so great.

What Is Mobile Device Optimization?

This patented technology is specifically designed for presbyopes that love their digital devices. From smartphones to tablets, computers, and more, these progressive lenses will provide them with comfortable viewing all day long.

This unique design provides extra comfort in the near zones with an extended field of view. This gives the wearer enhanced visual comfort for near tasks.

Unlike traditional occupational lenses which only include intermediate and near compensation, the Legacy MDO lenses also include distance correction with an extended visual field throughout the lens.

Who Should Wear Legacy MDO Lenses?

Legacy MDO lenses are built specifically with modern presbyopes in mind. Digital devices have changed the world and progressive lens designs have changed with them. Legacy MDO lenses will provide your patients with reduced oblique astigmatism and are available in 7 variable progressive lengths or can be ordered in at 14,  16, or 18mm as a fixed corridor.

Patients will also enjoy dynamic vision thanks to the smart add technology and frame shape optimization when ordered directly through our myIcareLabs customer portal. Your patients will also love the smooth transition between all 3 zones thanks to a shorter transition profile making the transitions from distance to near seamless.

What Is Legacy MDO Lens Availability?

IcareLabs Legacy MDO lenses are available in the full range of materials. Additional add-ons include Transitions Gen 8, Activations, LifeRx, Transitions XTRActive New Generation & XTRActive Polarized, traditional polarized, and with our house brand Blue Guard harmful blue light protection.

Compatible anti-reflective coatings include our standard AR, Ice AR, Ice AR with Silk, along with Crizal and Kodak Lens no glare coatings.

Legacy MDO lenses are positioned above our Legacy DRP lenses and under the Legacy Camber lenses.

Talk to your account manager today about adding the new Legacy MDO lenses into your digital progressive lens offerings. Your patients will thank you!

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