Pre-Coated Mirrors vs Custom-Coated Mirrors: Which Lenses Are Better?

Pre-Coated Mirrors vs Custom-Coated Mirrors: Which Lenses Are Better?

Years ago, polarized mirrored lenses could only be done with custom coating. These days we now have the option to get pre-coated mirrors too. So what is the difference and is one better than the other? This blog will cover all the ins and outs of both custom coat and pre-coated polarized mirror options. We think you'll agree there is a clear winner between the two!

What Are Pre-Coated Mirrors?

Pre-coated mirrored lenses come to us as semi-finished blanks which we are then able to surface in-house (in the lab usually between 2-3 business days including backside AR). Here at IcareLabs, we recommend KBco pre-coated mirrored polarized lenses thanks to many factors like availability and color selection. These lenses also provide you with a significantly faster turnaround time.

Color options in poly gray polarized include blue, silver, orange, green, ice blue, pink, purple, black, andKBco polarized mirror coatings chrome mirrors. In poly brown polarized, they offer gold, red, rose gold, and sunny mist mirrors.

Color options in 1.67 gray polarized include silver, blue, and green mirrors. In 1.67 brown polarized, they offer a brown mirror.

Check out our new pre-coated mirror page to see pictures of these color options.

All colors offer a multitude of base curve options. Currently, the lens styles offered are single vision, IcareLabs digital house brand PALs (Heritage or Legacy), Shamir and Kodak progressive lenses.

What Are Custom-Coated Mirrors?

Custom-coated mirrors have been around for as long as polarized mirrored lenses have been on the market as this is the traditional process of making them. To order them you first need to select the proper base color and Custom coated mirror lenses then either select a standard color or provide a sample to attempt to match. Unfortunately, due to the chemical process involved in making the coating itself, there is no way to ever guarantee an exact match or have a remake done that will match the original set of lenses. Also, keep in mind that the base color of the tinted lens or polarized lens will affect the overall color of the mirror. 

This means if anything happens to the lenses themselves then the whole set will have to have the process completed again. Like most labs, we are also unable to process these coatings in-house, so after your lenses are surfaced we then have to outsource to the mirror lab which can add up to an additional week to the turnaround time for your order.

Custom-coated lenses do offer a full range of materials as well as a full range of lens designs.

Pre-Coated Or Custom-Coated: Which Is Better?

So now that we know the big differences between the two, which is the better option? With fast turn, consistent colors, and high durability the KBco pre-coated mirror polarized lenses are the clear winner. The 12 color options allow you to satisfy the needs of even your most discerning patient. 

We highly recommend having a KBco mirror sample kit in your office to demo to your patient. Reach out to your IcareLabs account manager today. Selling just 2 mirror jobs will just about cover the cost of the kit and help drive your polarized mirror sales. Utilizing the kit will allow you to show your patient a demo that will exactly match both the tint and mirror color that will be delivered in their new sunglasses when utilizing KBco mirrors. 


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