Crizal AR Coatings For Every Patient

Crizal AR Coatings For Every Patient

The newly revamped Crizal portfolio has a coating to meet any patient's needs. As the leader in anti-reflective coatings for over 20 years, Crizal has been at the forefront of bringing new technology to the market for ECPs. Now the new formulations provide five amazing options that continue to outperform the competition.

Gone are the confusing, hard-to-pronounce names. This simplified product lineup makes it easier than ever before to dispense the right Crizal coating to the right patient.

Crizal No-Glare Coatings Core Product Range Chart

Crizal Sapphire HR

Does your patient want the best? Then this is the anti-reflective coating they are looking for. The latest and greatest from Crizal Sapphire HR will provide your patients with the best no-glare coating on the market today. This patented technology improves clarity, cleanability, UV protection, and scratch resistance. 

Sapphire HR was voted the #1 best overall anti-reflective coating by external and internal lab tests compared to other branded AR coatings in worldwide consumer testing. Rated as 3x easier to clean than the leading competitor, this product will provide your patients with the "WOW" factor.


Crizal Rock

When Crizal Rock launched in 2021, it had one goal in mind - to make an anti-reflective coating for "real world" users. Many patients don't have their microfiber cloths on hand and instead clean their lenses with their shirt or tissue. As we know, that isn't great for lenses. Face it, we are powerless to change these bad habits. Your customers are going to continue to abuse their lenses.

With that in mind, this formulation provides your patients with unparalleled scratch resistance thanks to the patented High-Resistance Technology developed by Essilor. This specific combination of oxides in the AR stack makes the lenses extremely resistant to both scratches and dust.

The Rock no-glare formula also includes their patented High Surface Density super hydrophobic topcoat making the lenses easier to clean and smudge resistant.


Crizal Easy Pro

The Crizal Easy Pro formulation was launched earlier this year alongside the new Crizal Sapphire HR. This update of the best-selling Crizal Easy Pro formula gives your patients all the benefits that you love about Crizal Easy with an added anti-static top coat. Increased anti-reflective capabilities, backside UV protection, and dust repellence make it one of the best values in non-glare.

For the patient looking for an update on a classic that just works, this is the coating for them.


Crizal Easy

Crizal Easy has been one of the best anti-reflective coatings in the world for over 20 years for a reason - patients know they can trust it. This no-glare coating gives patients backside UV protection and lenses that are easier to clean without having to break the bank. There is not a better product for your budget-minded patients who are seeking branded performance at a great price.

Every ECP has those patients that are not receptive to change and just like to stick with what they've been using successfully for years, and Crizal Easy is here to stay for them. 

Crizal Prevencia

Crizal Prevenica is another tried and true formulation and the only Crizal no-glare coating that also protects patients against the harmful effects of HEV blue light found in our daily lives. Prevenica can also be stacked with Essilor's Essential Blue Series to provide even more blue light protection with clear lenses.

Crizal Prevenicia also has a unique blue/purple hue unlike the other Crizal coatings which have a green hue to the lenses. This hue is part of why the coating is able to help block blue light in the harmful 415 nm to 455 nm wavelength without disrupting the good blue light that helps our bodies.

All of this is done while still giving patients exceptional lens durability, UV protection, cleanability and dust repellence. Pairing with Transitions 8 or XTRActive will give your patients superior HEV reduction while also giving them comfort in all environments. 

In conclusion, the new simplified Crizal format has an offering for every patient regardless of budget or need. Take the time to get to know your patient's needs and recommend the Crizal product that fits best. Whether it be a mechanic who is seeking scratch resistance (Rock) or the lawyer looking for the clearest lenses (Sapphire HR). There truly is a Crizal product for all.

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