Lenses 101 - Varilux Comfort

What a big year it's been here at IcareLabs. Along with celebrating our 50th anniversary a few weeks ago, we are also celebrating the 25th year of the Varilux Comfort.

That's right, the world's #1 selling progressive lenses turned 25 in 2018!

In this new blog series (Lenses 101), I'll be diving head first into the myriad of lenses we are able to offer all of our customers. 

Varilux progressive lenses were introduced in 1959. The original Varilux Comfort was released in 1993 by Essilor. It was the first progressive lens on the market that took visual ergonomic criteria into account and the results are, as they say, history!

This was the first progressive lens design to be widely worn thanks to successful high adaption rates.

In 2004, the design was updated by shortening the intermediate corridor by 20%.

This brought the Comfort up to date with modern visual needs for using smart phones, tablets, and laptops (commonly known as the Comfort 2 or "New" Comfort). 

Shortly thereafter, the Varilux Comfort Enhanced was released which utilized the benefits of dual optics technology. This gave end users all the ease of wear associated with the original, along with added width in all 3 viewing areas.

The Enhanced design has been updated to the W2+with the addition of W.A.V.E. technology and many other benefits. This offers the greatest control of low order aberrations and better visual acuity in low light.

As with all Essilor digital progressives, there is now an option for Essential Blue providing patients more than 3x protection from harmful blue light when compared to standard clear lenses.

Having caused such a "wave" in the optical industry, the Comfort launched an entire family of premium branded lenses within the Essilor progressive options.

Happy birthday Comfort, and thank you for helping recreate perfect vision for millions of presbyopes around the world!

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The new Varilux Comfort Max hit the marketin in 2020.

For all available information on Varilux lenses check out our new Resource Center.

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Here at IcareLabs our completely streamlined, state of the art surfacing lab contains 4 lines that all run 100% single point generating with soft polish that allow us to be accurate within 100th of a diopter.

This gives us the ability to process our lenses at a significant savings. Our founder John W. Payne was always adamant that we pass on these savings to all of the independent eyecare professionals who do business with us, who can then provide better prices for their patients.

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