IcareLabs Celebrates 50 Years Of Excellence

IcareLabs Celebrates 50 Years Of Excellence


Here at IcareLabs, we're celebrating our very first jobs completed 50 years ago today.

Those first 6 jobs took that whole day to complete. We are doing quite a few more than 6 jobs in a day now. We have seen a lot of changes over the past 50 years.


We celebrated this half century of serving some of the greatest customers in the country by making the largest upgrade in our history.

IcareLabs Digital Progressive Lens Processing  IcareLabs Anti-Reflective Coating


  • 100% single-point surfacing allowing us to be accurate within 100th of a diopter
  • 100% digital capability on all 4 surfacing lines
  • New dip line hard coater- providing the best hard coat for our Crizal coatings
  • We've doubled our AR capacity and increased our efficiency
Here's the kicker, we did all of that without raising our already rock-bottom pricing!
Our recently renovated and revamped customer portal, myIcareLabs.com, has also received new improvements like processing eChecks online directly from your account! Doing business the Icare way has never been easier.
Take a look at what we can now do for your practice, and more importantly, what you'll be able to offer your patients:
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Let us show you why practices across the country choose to be a part of the Icare family.

We look forward to lowering your lab bill soon,

James Stephany

Director of Sales and Marketing

Take a look at IcareLabs' history and 51st anniversary celebration. We now also have our brand new Resource Center available to all ECPs, regardless of having an account with us or not. This is the most complete online library of sales aids, point-of-purchase materials, layout charts, and much more.

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