Take a Break, You Probably Need It!

If you're like most workers in America today, you're probably tired and having trouble sleeping. Work seems to follow you everywhere - from the dinner table to family gatherings and even into bed. It's time for a vacation, or as our friends across the great pond call it, a holiday. Whatever you want to call it, you definitely need it.

Studies have shown that from 1976-2000, working Americans took off an average of more than 20 days per year. However, by 2017, this number dropped by almost a week to 16 days. While many Americans are given more time off, only half of us use it.

Taking the proper time away benefits us mentally and physically, making us better employees. When we're rested and recharged, we provide better service to our customers, and our productivity increases. It's not just about our personal, mental, or physical health - a regular vacation also improves us as workers.

Here are some reasons why you should prioritize taking a vacation:

1. Improves your mood

Are you becoming hard to work with? Stress, pressure, and anxiety can wear us downImprove your workplace mood by taking time off for yourself and make even the happiest of us irritable. A week away can do wonders for rebuilding your outlook on life and allow you to recharge your batteries.

2. Fixes your home life

Even the strongest of us bring some stress home from the office. This stress often gets spread out by taking it out on loved ones. Taking a vacation allows you to focus on the ones you love and give them back the time that overworking has taken away.

3. Increases productivity

It's funny how the further behind we are, the less we seem to get done. Stress can be a major factor in this. Leading up to your vacation time and upon returning to the office, you'll find that you're more productive. The anticipation of getting away helps you focus on tasks that need to be cleared up before you leave, and you'll come back with a clear head and renewed energy.

4. Promotes personal growth = professional growth

Getting out and experiencing new things can expand your overall view of life. During vacation time, you often get chances to push yourself with new adventures and experience different cultures. Travel awards you opportunities to take risks and step out of your comfort zone, leading to personal growth that can transition into professional growth.

Taking a vacation can help your creative thinking5. Cultivates creative thinking

Being stuck in the same office, with the same people can diminish your creative thinking. Sometimes, your mundane day-to-day tasks can prevent you from seeing the bigger picture. Time away might just ignite the visionary inside of you. A vacation can help you return to the office inspired and ready to apply fresh ideas.

6. Makes work more satisfying

We've all been there - questioning why we do what we do for a living other than for the paycheck. Taking a regular vacation can help keep you refreshed and make going back to the office something you look forward to instead of dreading.

In closing, having a good balance between your work and home life will reduce stress and anxiety. Stop selling back or throwing away those vacation days. Schedule "you" time at the beginning of each new year. When your life is in balance, you'll have a sense of well-being that will make both home and work a happier place to be.

Your performance at work will improve, and your family and home life will be better. Remember, you're important both at the office and to your family. Taking better care of yourself allows you to take better care of both. So, where is your next adventure going to be, and more importantly, when are you going? Hope you have a wonderful time.

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