Getting Under Par with a Confident Sales Approach

Getting Under Par with a Confident Sales Approach

Just like millions of people worldwide, I was glued to the final round of the Masters Tournament on April 14, 2024. The winner, Scottie Scheffler, blew us all away with his poise and confidence, clinching his second green jacket in 3 years.

Now, I wouldn't call myself a pro golfer by any means (just ask anyone who's played with me), but I do have a soft spot for the game. It's that one sport where it's just you against yourself. Can you quiet the noise in your use confidence and simplicity when it comes to saleshead enough to have a decent round? Despite its apparent simplicity, golfers worldwide spend millions on training gadgets, gizmos, and pricey lessons every year.

You can flip on the Golf Channel and watch endless tutorials on the perfect swing, stance, follow-through, you name it. It's no wonder many struggle with this seemingly straightforward game of hitting a ball into a hole with a stick.

It seems like most golfers tend to overcomplicate things, leading to overthinking and ultimately, failure. While I may not be a golf expert, I couldn't help but notice Scheffler's unconventional swing techniques. Despite his flaws, he's a 2-time Masters champion and the world's #1 golfer. His secret? Confidence and simplicity. He relies more on instinct than overanalyzing every move.

We may not score a $3.2 million paycheck in a weekend's work, but we can learn from his approach to sales.

Take A Swing At It

Many of us have undergone endless sales training, read every book, and learned all the techniques. But often, these conflicting methods leave us more confused than when we started. The key? Confidence.

Confidence is king. A successful salesperson exudes confidence in the product they're selling, if not in their sales skills.confidence is key when it comes to sales

Know your products inside out. Whether it's lenses, coatings, frames, or add-ons, understand how and why they work. Don't just stick to the manufacturer's training materials; delve deeper and learn how to explain the benefits in a patient-friendly way.

Once you grasp the product's benefits from the patient's perspective, you can articulate them in a way that resonates with the patient. This confidence will help you make recommendations tailored to the patient's needs.

When a patient sees your confidence align with a recommendation that addresses their needs, it's hard for them to resist. Keep your sales pitch simple and avoid overthinking.

Know Your "Clubs" And When To Use Them

Mastering your products is the name of the game. So, do your homework and show up ready to impress at the sales table. Think of the products you sell as your trusty golf clubs. Just like you wouldn't use a driver on the putting green or a wedge on a par 5, make sure you're using the right 'club' for each patient's needs.

Watching the Masters, I saw golfers endlessly practicing their swings and stances, lacking confidence, and paying the price. Scheffler's pre-shot routine was simple yet consistent: he checked his grip before each shot. Similarly, in optical sales, your confidence is your grip. Ensure you're in the right headspace before assisting each patient.

Remember, it's not just about making a sale; it's about helping the patient. Whether it's providing 20/20 vision, comfortable glasses, or finding the perfect frame, confidence is key to earning the patient's trust and meeting their needs flawlessly.

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