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Order your Modern Optical frames that are now available at IcareLabs

Modern Optical Frames Are Here!

Nov 25, 2022 10:00:00 AM

In our never-ending quest to be the easiest lab in the USA to work with, we've added a large selection of Modern Optical frames. We can now process complete jobs with these frames faster than ever before with no need for you to send the frame to us. We are very excited to provide yet another option to help expedite your patients' glasses without having to sacrifice quality.

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How to keep loyal patient's coming back

Loyal Patients - How To Keep Them Coming Back

Oct 21, 2022 4:29:30 PM

Our world is one of constant routine. Whether it's a morning routine or a physical/mental health routine, everyone has a schedule established.

This is no different from your patients’ eye care routine. If you're already conveying the proper communication, your patients know that it's important to visit for regular eye exams. However, how do you ensure they are actually visiting for these exams? What's more, how do you encourage them to visit your practice for more than just an eye exam?

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ArmouRx safety frames now available with IcareLabs!

ArmouRx Safety Frames Now Available

Oct 11, 2022 4:36:43 PM

Many jobs require necessary eye safety equipment which gives you the opportunity for a true second pair sale. If there is one thing patients love when picking out their frames it's having options. Safety frames are no different, so we are proud to announce we now offer the complete line of ArmouRx safety frames. This line has several options to choose from to fit the needs of just about any patient.

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Learn all about the science of tinting lenses in this two part series.

Tinting Lenses - Part 1

Sep 26, 2022 10:01:24 AM

Chances are that if you have an in-house finishing lab then you tint your own lenses. In this 2 part series on tinting lenses, we are going to go over some of the basics of tinting while digging into the science behind achieving good results.

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KODAK UVBlue lenses offer harmful blue light protection with 100% UV filtration

KODAK UVBlue™ Lens Now Available

Sep 13, 2022 1:58:05 PM

Signet Armorlite has just introduced KODAK UVBlue Lens, a prescription lens designed to filter out harmful High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light. This new lens will be perfect for most patients concerned about the many hours spent staring at the latest streaming content or TikTok trend. For ECPs, it means KODAK Lens blue light technology you trust is now available in two levels of protection:

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The new year is approaching which means new goals are to be set.

ECP Marketing For The End Of 2022

Aug 30, 2022 10:11:00 AM

With the end of 2022 on the horizon, we are seeing ECPs across the country looking for ways to maximize their profit margins. Most of us in this industry expect the ebbs and flows throughout the year, and with the back to school rush behind us, how do you end the year in the black?

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Build a YouTube channel for your eye care business to help build trust with your consumers

Building a YouTube Channel for Your Eye Care Business

Aug 12, 2022 2:34:18 PM

YouTube is the second largest search engine out there. We use it for entertainment, education, even falling asleep! It’s become an indispensable tool for day-to-day living—especially among millennials.
So why don’t most eye care practices have a presence on YouTube?

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