Leverage Brand Awareness With Kodak Lenses For Your Practice

Have you ever bought something solely because you had a good experience or enjoyed their product/service in the past?

That's called brand awareness! You can use this to your advantage by using Kodak lenses to help set you apart from the competition!


USA Today listed them as on of the countries top 10 "Most Patriotic" brands. While some may not be familiar with their progressive lenses, they certainly know about the "Kodak Moment" or grew up using their photos.


This gives you a built-in level of trust with your patients. A recent study of progressive lens wearers were given the opportunity to try Kodak freeform lenses compared to the competition and when they were told about the brand and price they were 56% MORE LIKELY to select the Kodak offering over the competition.


 A brand isn't necessarily about being elite. A name you know you can trust that has consistent quality can naturally draw us to spend our money on something we know is dependable.


The Kodak portfolio is a great way to leverage a tried and true, trusted American brand for your progressive lens wearers. Whether they are getting their first pair or looking to get into the latest technology.


Signet Armorlite has partnered up with IcareLabs to provide you with some of the best pricing in the industry! You can count on the Kodak Lens Experience and the Kodak Lens Corner to help boost your optical sales.


 Download IcareLab's Kodak Lens Price List!


Signet Armorlite is also committed to making sure you have all of the tools necessary to dispense the best lenses for your patients needs so they leave as satisfied customers. This will help drive return business as well as word of mouth business back to you!


You can also be featured on their official website for any patients in your area to see. Don't forget to check the IcareLabs Kodak Resource Center web page for all of your digital Kodak Lens needs too.

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