Optical Sales Coach - Victory Drivers

Posted by James Stephany on Nov 27, 2017 10:32:00 AM


Got a few minutes? Want to get some tips and tricks from a long-time optical industry professional? Take a look at the Optical Sales Coach Series from IcareLabs. You never know what useful information you'll pick up.

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In this video, James Stephany discusses how individual "stats" from our optical business all add up to victory - much like a sports team.




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Here are some links to other helpful Optical Sales Coach videos:

About James Stephany:

James Stephany has over 30 years experience in the optical industry. His friendly and professional manner is recognized and appreciated by our customers and many in the business. As Sales and Marketing Director at Icare Labs, James has helped hundreds of eye care professionals improve their business bottom line significantly.


Topics: Revenue Tactics, Optical Sales Coach, Sales Strategies

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