Have Your Practice Stand Out With Kodak Unique Prescription Glasses

Are you looking for a good way to have your practice stand out from the big box retailers and other competition? Of course you still want to provide excellent customer service too. So what's an eye care professional to do?


You can utilize the built-in branding of Kodak progressive lenses to improve patient satisfaction and grow your optical business!


Kodak Lens progressive made in-house by IcareLabs wholesale optical lab


Kodak Unique progressive lenses can give you a leg-up over your competitors. They are available with HD surfacing allowing you to utilize the point-of-wear measurements which can help increase your patient satisfaction.


You can be confident every pair of Unique lenses include the following features:


  • Crystal clear, wide viewing area for distance


  • Smooth transitions for every zone


  • High adaptability


  • Gentle binocular balancing which aids in precise visual acuity.


Signet Armorlite is committed to making sure you have a range of point of purchase material to help every patient select the best options for both their budget and lifestyle.


Download IcareLab's Kodak Lens Price List!


IcareLabs is committed to making sure you have every resource needed to dispense the perfect pair of Kodak lenses along with all of your wholesale optical lab needs.


CLICK HERE to view all of our Kodak Lens resources like availability charts, layout charts, point-of-purchase materials, and more! Our all new Resource Center is available to all ECPs, all the time, and will always be absolutely no charge to use. Every optical should always have access to the tools they need, that's the Icare difference!


We have teamed up to provide you with some of the best pricing in the industry so you can stop worrying about high lab bills and start focusing on excellent customer satisfaction. That's what being par of the Icare family is all about.

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