Kodak Precise Progressive Lenses Working For You!

Posted by Sue Cushman on Jun 1, 2018 9:51:00 AM

We constantly hear Eye Care Professionals asking how they can lower their lab bill without sacrificing the quality their patients have come to expect from them.


Have you thought about thinking outside the camera lens with Kodak progressive lenses?


kodak progressive lenses


The Kodak Precise is a well-rounded progressive lens suited for new and old progressive wearers alike.


Combining the award-winning proprietary Vision First Design and digital technology which will provide your patients with:


  • Natural Head and Eye movement


  • Clear vision in the near, far, and intermediate zones


  • Easy adaption to the lenses on par with single vision experiences


  • Smooth transitions between each zone


Covering just about the full range of materials and upgrades, the Precise can work for you! For patients with smaller frames the Kodak Precise Short PB is available providing shorter corridor lengths.


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Signet Armorlite and IcareLabs have teamed up to provide you with some of the best pricing in the industry! We're committed to making sure every patient leaves your practice as a satisfied customer.

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