Benefits Of Anti-Reflective Coatings - Crizal Alize

Crizal Alize Processed In House At IcareLabs

Crizal anti-reflective coatings can provide your patients with numerous reasons to return to your practice over and over again.

While Crizal Easy is a great option for many patients, Alize provides enhanced ability to stay cleaner for longer thanks to it's high surface density. This provides superior smudge resistance and effortless cleaning for your patients.


Patients being able to keep their lenses cleaner increases the number of satisfied patients for your practice.  This leads to more return and higher word of mouth business.


IcareLabs processes the full line of Crizal AR in-house which means faster turnaround time for your patients.


A patient that receives their new pair of glasses fast is not just a happy patient, but it's also a great way to help your practice increase it's optical revenue!


You'll also be providing each patient with hydrophobic/oleophobic lenses that provides smudge-resistance technology thanks to the oleophobic molecules and helps filter out harmful UV rays.


On top of all of this, every pair of lenses treated with Crizal coatings here at IcareLabs receives a 2-year unlimited warranty. This helps you give every patient peace of mind in their new glasses.


Crizal Alize Available At IcareLabs


Crizal Alize by Essilor can help patients of all age ranges and lifestyles walk out of your practice with a new understanding and appreciation for high quality lenses and coatings they won't be able to get at Big Box competition down the street. This helps give independent eyecare professionals like yourself a leg up on the competition.


Since you'll guide them through the fitting process with a needs based conversation, your patients will appreciate the fact that you were able to provide them with new glasses that will work best for them.


IcareLabs processes the complete line of Crizal no-glare treatments in-house which means better turnaround time for your jobs. We also offer our Crizal Resource Center page to all ECPs so you can always have access to the latest availability charts and point-of-purchase materials at no charge even if you don't have an Icare account.


We offer some of the best Crizal pricing in the industry so request a price list today and see just how much we can help your practice's bottom line!



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