3 Easy Ways To Sell Transitions Lenses To Every Patient

Posted by James Stephany on May 15, 2018 9:12:00 AM
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A recent survey found that 75% of current eyewear patients said they would purchase Transitions prescription lenses if offered!

The current national average for Transitions Signature lenses is just over 18%. What happened with 57% of our customers? I believe it is simply that we are not offering them to all of our patients using needs-based selling.
Asking your patients the right questions to uncover their needs, then using patient-friendly language focusing on the unique benefits only Transitions provides them can gently guide them into their perfect pair of glasses.

Instead of focusing on what they DO NOT do, try focusing on the amazing benefits they DO PROVIDE such as:

  • Convenience - free from the hassle of switching prescription glasses.

  • Protection - against damaging UV rays with 100% UV Protection, along with at least 20% harmful blue light protection indoors, and up to 88% outdoors.

  • Comfortable vision - see your best inside or outside, in overcast or sunny conditions, at dusk or dawn.

Transitions 7 are the darkest photochromic lenses on the market.
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8 out of every 10 patients prefer their Transitions lenses over their current clear eyeglasses which means you'll almost always have a premium upsell built-in to your returning satisfied customers that provides them with a superior experience!

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