How to Increase Revenue in your Optical Store

At IcareLabs, we get many questions from our eye care professionals about how to increase their bottom line. We’ve been providing quality prescription lenses and eyeglasses as an independent optical lab since 1968. Here are some basic ideas we’ve observed over the years on how to increase revenue in your optical store.

As an eye care professional, you have probably been taught that there are basically only three ways to see an increase in your gross revenue in your optical store:

  1. See more patients per day
  2. Raise your fees
  3. Sell more products/services to every patient you see

These are all important points to consider. Let's take a look at each.

See More Patients Per Day

Bringing in more patients per day will help increase your everyday bottom dollarWhen it comes to seeing more prescription eyeglass patients every day, ask yourself some questions: Can I be doing more to fill in empty slots during the day? If there are no empty slots, are there ways to increase my optical store’s efficiency and fit more patients on the schedule? You might be surprised at the answers you can come up with when it comes to running things smoothly. In future articles, we will try to dive deeper into that topic. However, at some point, it comes down to this: there are only so many hours in a day, and there’s only one of you. You can only see so many patients per day, no matter how efficiently your optical store operates.

Raise Your Fees

What about number two? Are you able to raise your exam fees? Are your fees for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses set as high as possible? Does your local competition prohibit any higher fees? It’s wise to be aware of what your competition is charging and set your fees accordingly.

Sell More Products

The third point seems to make the most sense. Are you able to sell more products to each patient? It is almost an industry standard to offer a discount on a second pair of glasses (provided the patient orders both pairs at the same time). And, it’s always good to recommend add-on items such as cases and cleaning supplies.

Other Add-Ons

Are there other ways to help increase revenue? Yes! What about add-on sales for lenses? Are you and your staffUpsell your products by offering add ons to your lenses such as Crizal or Transitions getting to the real needs of your patients by asking about what they use their glasses for?

  • Ask how much time a patient typically spends outdoors, then recommend photochromic or polarized lenses and UV coatings, if appropriate.
  • Ask how much time a patient spends in front of a computer or other electronics, then recommend non-glare lenses that protect from harmful ultraviolet and blue light.
  • Ask how important it is for a patient to have impact and scratch-resistant lenses, then recommend impact-resistant lenses and scratch-resistant coatings.
  • If a patient has a higher eyeglass prescription, ask if they'd be interested in thinner lenses. Recommending thinner lenses will take some weight off and offer a better cosmetic appearance.

At IcareLabs, you’ll find that we don’t play games with our prices. We aim to provide the widest selection of quality lenses at the lowest prices. Our prices remain the same regardless of quantity. That way, you know you’re getting the best pricing whether you’re a small practice or a large chain of stores. And, when it comes to lens AR, UV, and other finish options, our prices are always very competitive.

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