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Lenses 101 - Shamir Autograph Progressives

Posted by Nick Kidd on Jul 24, 2018 2:22:48 PM
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Known in the industry for phenomenal designs, Shamir's Autograph series can provide your practice with versatile progressive lenses that can accommodate almost any presbyope.

Shamir Progressive Lenses Surfaced by IcareLabs

Starting in 1972, Shamir has stayed ahead of the curve when providing patients with lenses with the latest technology. The Autograph series of lenses has developed a field tested reputation for lenses that work.


The Autograph II came on to the market with the "As-Worn Technology", helping provide patients with a more tailored fit on their glasses. Coupling that with fixed corridor lengths has helped opticians in the know to dispense thousands of pairs of lenses their patients love.


The Autograph II Attitude was also released to wide acclaim for being able to provide wider intermediate zones on wrap frames. This showed a specialized progressive lens for play could fill a role in today's market.


The Autograph II Office is one of the best designs currently on the market geared towards working professionals that need better accommodations for their near and intermediate zones during the workday. The Office II brought the already great design of the original Office lens into the current era with full digital processing behind it.


The Autograph II + launched with updates to the classic design of the II to now include "As-Worn Technology, Natural Posture, and the new Close-Up technology". Close-Up will allow you to specify a near PD providing a finely tuned reading experience specific to each patient.


The Autograph III brings with it the latest design from Shamir while still leading the way with freeform digital technology to help your patients get the absolute best possible sight. Incorporating new and updated techniques into the lens itself, which includes "As-Worn Quadro, IntelliCorridor, Natural Posture, and Eye Point Technology III" can reassure you every presbyope that leaves your practice will be impressed.


The III is also available in Attitude/Sport options which can help increase your optical revenue with 2nd or 3rd pairs specific to your patients needs.




IcareLabs is proud to surface Shamir lenses in-house so you can provide each of your patients the best options in lenses and anti-reflective coatings industry-wide! 

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